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Frequently Asked Questions

How is performance calculated?2023-06-11T20:55:03+01:00

To calculate the performance we sum the starting price (SP) for the winning predictions.  When the SP is above the number of predictions (not including non-runners) this equats to a positive performance  (100%+).

[Starting Price] / (divided) / [Number of Predictions] X (multiply) X 100

How is strike rate calculated?2023-06-11T20:56:02+01:00

To calculate the strike rate we sum the qualified winning and place predictions of the day and divide by the total number of races (minus non-runners).

[Winners + Place] / (divided) / [Number Races] X (multiply) X 100

Will I receive the free tip every day?2023-11-15T08:49:44+00:00

No,  the free tip is selected on an optimal basis, and it is possible that on some days, there is no tip.

Premium subscribers receive UK & Ireland tips daily.

Is there a Tippertoo app?2023-03-04T15:02:40+00:00

Not yet!

Can I save Tippertoo to my phone?2023-03-04T15:00:20+00:00

For Android:

  1. Open the Chrome browser on your Android phone.
  2. Visit the website that you want to add to your home screen.
  3. Tap the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. Select “Add to Home Screen” from the menu.
  5. Choose a name for the shortcut, then tap “Add.”

For iOS:

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Visit the website that you want to add to your home screen.
  3. Tap the share button at the bottom of the screen (it looks like a square with an upward arrow).
  4. Scroll down to find and select “Add to Home Screen.”
  5. Choose a name for the shortcut, then tap “Add.”
  6. Once you have completed these steps, the website will appear as an icon on your smartphone’s home screen. You can tap the icon to quickly access the website without having to open the browser and type in the URL.
What time are the tips published?2023-09-09T12:05:33+01:00

1 hour before the first race, but typically between 09:00am and 10:00am (uk time)

How does your strategy work?2023-03-04T15:03:47+00:00

Tippertoo utilises AI and machine learning algorithms to analyse data related to horse racing in a system which then generates predictions based on this analysis. We can’t provide any more specific details about the inner workings of the system, as they are proprietary and confidential.

The ultimate goal of the system is to provide even more accurate predictions for horse racing results.

What races do you cover?2023-03-04T15:01:22+00:00

We provide daily tips for most UK & Irish races

How can I cancel my premium service?2023-03-19T23:57:50+00:00

From your account settings (login if prompted) -> scroll down -> click Cancel (under Actions)

Are tips guaranteed?2023-11-15T08:47:53+00:00

We make no guarantees for the tips we provide.  Each tip is calculated automatically using our AI engine.

If you are using tips to place bets, you should only spend what you can afford to lose.

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